The Beacon


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Title: The Beacon
Subject: Immigrant press
Description: The Beacon was a Baptist newsletter published in New York that appeared for the first time in April 1929 and continued until May 1934. It was revived in April 1936 and continued until at least 1951, providing news primarily about Latvian Baptist activities. These examples were photographed in the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota.
Creator: Andris Straumanis
Source: Immigration History Research Center Archives, University of Minnesota
Date: 1929-1934, 1936-1951
Contributor: Andris Straumanis
Rights: All rights reserved.
Format: JPEG
Language: English
Type: Image
Coverage: New York


Andris Straumanis, “The Beacon,” Latvian Baptists in America, 1890-1940, accessed February 6, 2023,