Kristīgs Draugs


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Title: Kristīgs Draugs
Subject: Immigrant press
Description: Kristīgs Draugs was one of several periodicals produced by Latvian Baptist immigrants in Brazil. The monthly, which included the supplements Rīta Rasa and Jaunais Līdumnieks, began publication at Palma in 1931 under the editorship of Jānis Inķis. The publication reached readers in the United States and Latvia, among other locations. Pictured is the cover of the January 1934 issue.
Date: 1934
Rights: All rights reserved
Format: JPEG
Language: Latvian
Type: Still image
Coverage: Brazil


“Kristīgs Draugs,” Latvian Baptists in America, 1890-1940, accessed February 6, 2023,