On the beach in Lavallette


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Title: On the beach in Lavallette
Subject: Lavallette, New Jersey
Description: A group of unidentified men and women pose for a snapshot on the beach in Lavallette, New Jersey. The man on the right possibly is the Rev. Pēteris Bušmanis. The seated woman on the right possibly is his second wife, Valija Bušmanis. Lavallette was a popular vacation spot for Latvian immigrants and their descendants, including the Baptists.
Source: Buschman Family Papers (IHRC3903), Immigration History Research Center Archives, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.
Date: 1922
Format: JPEG
Type: Image
Coverage: Lavallette, New Jersey


“On the beach in Lavallette,” Latvian Baptists in America, 1890-1940, accessed May 30, 2023, https://baptists.straumanis.com/document/30.