Boston Latvian Baptist Church Board


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Title: Boston Latvian Baptist Church Board
Subject: Boston Latvian Baptist Church
Description: Members of the board of the Boston Latvian Baptist Church are pictured in the May 15, 1926, issue of Kristīga Balss, a periodical published in Rīga. First row, left to right: elder A. Pinkuls, pastor A. Bermaks, elder Fr. Kadegs; second row: church secretary Fr. Wihtols, choir director R. Stiesels, music director Fr. Jekabsons, A. Stone, and board secretary J. Rudzits.
Source: Kristīga Balss
Date: May 15, 1926
Format: JPEG
Type: Image
Coverage: Latvian Baptists in Boston, 1926


“Boston Latvian Baptist Church Board,” Latvian Baptists in America, 1890-1940, accessed March 22, 2023,