Who are the Letts?


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Title: Who are the Letts?
Subject: Latvian Baptists
Description: In 1912, as part of an appeal to raise money for a new church, the Rev. Jānis Kvietiņš, then pastor of the First Lettish Baptist Church of Philadelphia, wrote a 16-page pamphlet on the history of the Latvians titled Who are the Letts?: A short historical sketch of the Letts and the First Baptist Church of Philadelphia.
Source: Princeton University Library
Publisher: First Lettish Baptist Church
Date: 1912
Format: JPEG
Language: English
Type: Image
Coverage: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


“Who are the Letts?,” Latvian Baptists in America, 1890-1940, accessed March 22, 2023, https://baptists.straumanis.com/document/9.