Kurmin (Kurmiņš) family in Russia


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Title: Kurmin (Kurmiņš) family in Russia
Subject: Latvian Baptists in Philadelphia
Description: The Kurmin (Kurmiņš) family poses for a portrait, likely while still living in Russia. Pictured are Bertha, Tillie (Otilija), mother Leotte (née Petelowetz), father David, Robert, and Adolph.
Creator: Unknown
Source: From the collection of Marcia Johnson.
Date: ca. 1900
Rights: All rights reserved
Format: JPEG
Type: Still image
Coverage: Russia

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Original Format: Photograph


Unknown, “Kurmin (Kurmiņš) family in Russia,” Latvian Baptists in America, 1890-1940, accessed March 22, 2023, https://baptists.straumanis.com/document/19.