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1914 Latvian Baptists The Rīga-based Latvian Baptist periodical Avots carried this obituary for the Rev. Jānis Neibuks (1849-1914) in its March 19, 1914, issue. Neibuks had served the First Lettish Baptist Church in Philadelphia from 1904-1909, but then moved to Boston, where he was pastor until 1913. Illness forced him to step away from the ministry, but after recuperating he began mission work through the Chicago congregation. Niebuks also served the small Latvian Baptist congregation in Sussex County, Virginia. Before his death, he had returned to Philadelphia to once again lead the congregation there. The obituary was written by the Rev. Jānis Kvietiņš, then pastor of the Baptist congregation in New York.
1927 Music A photograph published in the August 15, 1927, issue of Kristīgā Balss shows the brass orchestra of the Boston Latvian Baptist Congregation. In the back row, the man standing third from the left was identified as orchestra director A. Hansons.
1926 Boston Latvian Baptist Church Members of the board of the Boston Latvian Baptist Church are pictured in the May 15, 1926, issue of Kristīgā Balss, a periodical published in Rīga. First row, left to right: elder A. Pinkuls, pastor A. Bermaks, elder Fr. Kadegs; second row: church secretary Fr. Wihtols, choir director R. Stiesels, music director Fr. Jekabsons, A. Stone, and board secretary J. Rudzits.