Philadelphia Latvian Baptist Youth Society

Members in 1945

The photograph of the 1916 members of the Philadelphia Latvian Baptist Youth Society is a useful document for historical research. It is not known if other such photographs were made earlier or later.

However, another document found in the youth society's records provides an interesting comparison. Ironically, the membership roll for January 1, 1945, also was created during a time of war. It shows many of the same surnames, because the children of the 1916 members had now taken over the organization. At 58 members, the youth society nearly three decades after the 1916 photograph was smaller, but the makeup suggests that the community — perhaps not surprisingly — remained close-knit.

The list was split between male and female members, with red stars indicating that more than a third of the men were serving in the armed forces. The list also reveals a potential problem for the Latvian Baptist community in Philadelphia: Men outnumbered women by almost two to one.


  1. Aldin, Billy
  2. Aldin, Edward
  3. Aldin, Jack
  4. Aldin, Robert
  5. Brown, Carl
  6. Brown, James
  7. Brown, Waldemar
  8. Bumbier, Edgar*
  9. Consul, Donald
  10. Consul, Robert*
  11. Ellis, Waldo
  12. Furman, Theodore*
  13. Higgins, Warren
  14. Kruhmin, Walter*
  15. Krusen, Henry*
  16. Lagsdon, Harry*
  17. Luhks, Alfred Jr.
  18. McCaully, Samuel Jr.
  19. Peterson, Valentine*
  20. Quigley, John
  21. Stanislaw, Benj.
  22. Stanislaw, Franklin
  23. Stanislaw, Reuben
  24. Stanislaw, Ted
  25. Timberg, Jack
  26. Tramback, Ben*
  27. Tramback, Edwin*
  28. Tramback, William
  29. Treyan, Martin
  30. Van Horn, Franklin
  31. Vaskis, William*
  32. Westberg, Allen*
  33. Westberg, James*
  34. Westberg, Robert Jr.*
  35. Wilson, Thomas
  36. Yunag, Robert*

*In the Armed Forces


  1. Aldin, Eleanore
  2. Aldin, Lucy
  3. Adamson, Edna
  4. Brown, Bella
  5. Consul, Dolores
  6. Consul, Eleanore
  7. Ellis, Beatrice
  8. Hauns, Anita
  9. Hoenbrook, Betty
  10. Johnson, Emma
  11. Johnson, Mary
  12. Lagsdon, Elsie
  13. Lagsdon, Lena
  14. Luhks, Irma
  15. McCaulley, Alma
  16. Quigley, Gertrude
  17. Smith, Vivian
  18. Stanislaw, Alma
  19. Timberg, Peggy
  20. Treyan, Alma
  21. Van Horn, Anita
  22. Wilson, Martha