Philadelphia Latvian Baptist Youth Society

A postcard from 1916


A postcard from 1916 displays the members of the Philadelphia Latvian Baptist Youth Society.

A rare artifact — a photographic postcard showing all members of the Philadelphia Latvian Baptist Youth Society (Filadelfijas latviešu baptistu jauniešu biedrība) in 1916 — provides a gateway to creating a portrait of the immigrant religious community.

The society was affiliated with the First Lettish Baptist Church of Philadelphia — the largest congregation in the early 20th century Latvian community in the United States.

The photographic postcard, found in the Buschman Family Papers in the Immigration History Research Center Archives at the University of Minnesota, features 71 members of the youth society in 1916, as well as the Rev. Peter Buschmann (Pēteris Bušmanis).

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Not every individual has been further identified other than first initial and surname. Visitors to this website with more information are invited to email