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Ansis Egle

Ansis Egle

Hans Eagle (Ansis Egle) was born Aug. 20, 1885, in Novogorod, Russia1. Hans was the son of Christopher and Jennie Eagle, according to his death certificate. Hans and Julia Eagle were married in 19152. In 1918, the couple lived at 725 N. 44th St. in Philadelphia and Hans worked as a carpenter3. By the time of the 1920 federal census, they lived at 4129 Parrish St. in Philadelphia along with two nieces of Hans, 16-year-old Adaline and 14-year-old Elfreda, both of whom had been born in Virginia. Also in the building, apparently in a separate apartment, were Latvian immigrants William and Tillie Conant and their children, Robert W., 10, and Beatrice, 9.

As of the 1930 federal census4, the couple and Adaline lived at 1428 N. Redfield St., Philadelphia. Also in the home were Lena Lagsdon and Elsie Lagsdon. When Hans registered for the military draft in 1942, he and Julia were living in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Eventually, the Eagle couple moved to Haycock Township in Bucks County. Hans Eagle died May 2, 1956, at the age of 70.5


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