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Jennie Redowitz

Jennie Redowitz

Jennie Redowitz was born about 1896 in Russia, a daughter of David and Anna (née Petralewitz) Redowitz. The family, including Jennie, her parents, brother Edward, and sister Amalie, immigrated to the U.S. in May 1905 aboard the S.S. Armenia.1 They first lived in New York. According to the 1920 federal census, Jennie, her father and sister were living at 4214 Parrish St. in Philadelphia. In 1923, Jennie married Nicholas (Nicolai) Grimm, who was born in Rīga in 1897.2

When the federal census was taken in April 1930, they along with their children Elsie and Edward were staying in Lavallette, New Jersey. The oceanside community was home or a vacation spot to at least a dozen Latvian families by this time. However, the permanent home of the Redowitz family was in Philadelphia.


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